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ICP Spotlight: AMCCE in Mexico

March 7, 2023

At Coffee Quality Institute our different certifications and benefits can apply to people, coffee, and places. To provide a high-quality learning environment – CQI works directly with In-Country Partners (ICPs) and Q Venues to ensure that learners, educators, and local coffee communities are experiencing CQI education in a consistent and reliable environment.

ICPs are the infrastructure of the Q Coffee System, and they function as ambassadors for CQI in many ways, such as supporting regional initiatives to improve the quality of coffee, hosting Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing courses, and even hosting instructor events.

Sylvia Gutierrez - Q Instructor & Director at AMCCE

Asociación Mexicana de Cafés y Cafeterías de Especialidad (AMCCE) in Mexico City is one of two ICPs in Mexico. AMCCE is a non-profit, whose objectives are to promote the growth of the specialty coffee community in Mexico through training, certification and information, to develop barista and roaster competitions, and to connect all of the different members of the coffee chain (from producer to end consumer) in order to understand and support their particular needs.

AMCCE has been an ICP with CQI since 2018, and they even hosted an internationally attended CQI Instructor calibration right before the pandemic. Over the next two weeks, AMCCE will once again host international instructors at the 2023 Community of Practice – an event where instructors dive deep into the latest Q Program updates, share experiences, and ultimately calibrate – polishing their skills and palates, prepping themselves for upcoming courses.

ICPs provide the perfect learning environment for these events since they already have a strong knowledge of CQI programs. They are valued partners for CQI in supporting our mission to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it.

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