In-Country Partners are the infrastructure of the Q Coffee System and function as ambassadors for CQI and our programs.

Located throughout the world, In-country Partners (ICPs) are the hub where Q Graders evaluate coffee quality using industry standards for both arabica (specialty) and robusta (fine).

The integrity of the Q Coffee System is supported by ICPs through their adherence to strict protocols. This requires ICPs to have a strong knowledge of CQI’s programs. ICPs also support regional initiatives to improve the quality of coffee by hosting and promoting Q and Q Processing courses and CQI classes. They are valued partners for CQI in supporting our mission to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it.

Locations certified with Coffee Quality Institute attract work through evaluation and education, and let the world know that they meet international standards. To find out if becoming an In-Country Partner is right for you, contact Kim Cosgrove at

Contact your local In-Country Partner to arrange for coffee evaluation.