Specialty Coffee Institute of Thailand

how-long How long have you been a CQI In-Country Partner (ICP)?
Since 2021

 What does it mean to your company/organization to be an ICP?
The organization's objective for participating in ICP is to contribute to the establishment of a fair and sustainable coffee
sector in the region and country.

world Provide a summary of what your company/organization accomplishes and include mission if applicable:
This is the first time to join the CQI In-Country Partner (ICP).

 What is your relationship with CQI/the Q Program?
We are In-Country Partners (ICPs) are ambassadors for CQI and our programs, being the hub to evaluate coffee quality
using industry standards for both arabica (specialty) and Robusta (fine). The integrity of the Q Coffee System is supported
by ICPs through their adherence to strict protocols.

 What do you think are the opportunities of CQI's Q Coffees program?
Makes it easier for farmers to access coffee quality institutions that are CQI accredited. And make farmers have the right
knowledge and can develop the quality of the coffee for the better.

lightbulb Anything else you'd like to add?
SCITH is a Campus that has been established since 2018 with the aim of providing accurate coffee training to farmers, the general public and the owner in the course Barista; Espresso, Brewing, Roasting, Sensory Skills. Green Coffee; Q grader then International SCA Course. We are very pleased to be selected to join the ICP. It is important that we can help coordinate to help farmers and develop the management system of coffee farms in Thailand. There are standards
that are recognized internationally.